CHOOSE PHILIPPINES: Our 5D/4N ocean-filled itinerary in Coron, Palawan

It was already my second time in Coron and yet, I seemed to have forgotten what it looked like the last time I was there. All I could remember were the pristine islands my friends and I visited years ago, which I boasted to my siblings - whom were eager to see this place that [...]

Journey with PADI: Becoming an Open Water Diver experience

DAY ONE 12 o'clock. We arrived at a parking lot by the Jumeirah Beach for our first day of training where we were met by our instructor, Mustafa of Nemo Diving Center. We were then ushered to what appears to be their usual rendezvous - adorned with shining silver cylinders, wet vests that has hoses [...]

Birthday in Paradise: Our 4D/3N stay in Meeru Island Resort & Spa – Maldives

Months. Weeks. Days. I patiently counted until my last working day, the day of my birth and the day we fly to one of the destinations high above almost everyone's travel list- MALDIVES. On an instagram post, I have stated that I am really not keen on celebrating big or going on trips for my [...]

The Seychelles Islands: Our 6D/5N Seychellaxing itinerary (Part 2/2)

Oh, Seychelles! Coming here was definitely a huge tick off the wanderlist and another dream come true. Our first few days in the island of Praslin (If you missed Part 1, click here) couldn't have been a superb intro to an immaculate vacation. I still get high whenever I remember the stunningly palm-fringed beaches and clear, blue waters [...]

The Seychelles Islands: Our 6D/5N Seychellaxing itinerary (Part 1/2)

Yes, finally, writing about our vacation that happened months ago in the island of *drumrolls* - SEYCHELLES! This country has been on my wanderlist ever since Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton flew there for their honeymoon, because, well, Prince + Duchess + honeymoon - you get it, right? Well, it wasn't until last year when [...]