Love Letter

Dear broken heart,

It’s been a while now since you got broken. It still hurts, yes. I wish I could apologize for the damage it has caused you but really, what good would a sorry do? I know that sometimes you couldn’t bear the pain anymore and believe me, I pray for it to just stop. As in all the time. But, you and I know very well that it is not an easy process. That we have to go through a lot of stages for you to be able to heal. That there would be scars that would stay there permanently. We’ve been through a lot already. We fell in love a couple of times, got badly hurt but still managed to get up and start beating again. Mending a broken heart is one difficult feat. There are no shortcuts, no tips and secrets to rely on to. You and I, we are on our own. It’s gonna be a long way to go and I assure you that there would be times that we’d go back to square one again. It’s gonna be a highway to hell, for sure. Yet, I have faith that we would make it. I firmly believe that whatever God has planned for us, we’re going to achieve, because we are not just an ordinary tandem. You are an extraordinarily  pure heart. A heart that can love unconditionally like no other. As early as now I can say that I am proud of you. It is a pleasure to have a brave heart like you. Trust that I would be with you on this journey to recovery. It’s only a matter of time. So, until then.




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