So Long, 2011!

2011 has been a topsy turvy year. I was extremely happy during the first half and super duper low during the last. It was the year that I wore an engagement ring, the year that I thought would start the greatest days of my life and the year that I got my heart broken real bad. Although 2011 has been tough, I know I was able to go through it pretty well. The journey was hard, yes, and I am still halfway through my recovery. Hard lessons were learned. I lost something but also gained a lot at the same time. And so, I am proud to say that I became stronger than ever during this year. Because of that, I would be facing 2012 head straight, chin up and goals intact. RIP 2011. Hello 2012 🙂

Starting off the year with a HUGE smile on my face. Clean slate 🙂
Photo c/o Tumblr

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