En Route to Happiness

Once upon a time, I was this brokenhearted girl who would cry at every breakup song, relate to every sappy movie, and bawl over things that would remind me of my “miserable” past. I would do every possible way just to escape that agony of waiting. Buckets of tears, layers of eye bags and an intoxicated liver after, I found myself still standing with my heart, intact. I accepted the I-thought-almost-impossible challenge of forgiving, letting go and moving on. I forgave myself for screwing up and stopped blaming myself for things that in reality, I shouldn’t be accounted for. I let go of the things that I clearly didn’t need: self-pity, anger, hatred and all other horrible nothings my precious soul does not deserve. I moved forward, looking back only to make me move faster. I may have done and said a lot of stupid stuff before but so what, it was after all a learning experience. I gained more than what I have lost. It may not be an easy journey but the Big Guy up there didn’t let me down even for a single second, and in the end, I was rewarded with something I will forever be thankful for –  a happier and stronger ME 🙂

Photo from: comeongethigher.tumblr.com
“What is impossible with men is possible with God.” 
Luke 18:27

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