EXPLORE UAE: Wet ‘n Wild at Wild Wadi Waterpark – Dubai

Armed with tenacity and a bit of excitement, we stomped our way to Wild Wadi Waterpark for a weekend dose of adrenaline rush. I was ecstatic the moment I saw the enormous slides and loops the facility boasts of, even risked my ipod and the lover’s flip video camera (stuffed inside a sandwich bag hoping fervently it would keep ’em dry) just so we could take a few snaps of what the rides were like. (Chat later bid goodbye to her video camera after being soaked wet inside its supposed refuge. Thank God, I ditched the idea with my ipod after surviving one try)

Jumeirah Sceirah is what (I think) Wild Wadi is most proud of. You may get intimidated with how it looks from below, with its long tubes and skyscraping height. Well, it isn’t that scary at all; the thrill was so fast you could catch up with your breathing once its done. I felt a surge of panic though the minute the water came rushing through my airways but still, I have to say that the Tantrum Alley beat it when it comes to how many oohs and aahs the lover and I vociferated.

Another thing I liked about Wild Wadi is its location. Situated near the beach and the stunning, Burj Al Arab, it is a perfect place for taking photos. xx

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”
Franklin Roosevelt

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