Dear 2013,


It has been a wonder-turvy journey where a lot of changes happened in my life. Some are good, others are – well, bad. I’ve moved out of the comforts of my home – away from the comfort of driving my own car, going home in a clean house with cooked food after a long, tiring day at work and going out with my beloved friends during rest days. I never thought I would have a hard time adjusting to a different setup but lo and behold, came points where I just wanted to pack my bags and fly home. And during those times, I just lie on the bed, cry and pray to God to give me more strength and more reasons to stay. It helped that the lover was always there to hear me out – however crazy I may sound sometimes. You were a stone-hard year for me. I have a better-paying job, yes – with awesome colleagues and the love of my life at arm’s reach but still, it was just a tough, tough year.

And now that you have finally said goodbye, I could only pray that 2014 would be less chaotic and more wonderful. I am nevertheless thankful for the hardships I have encountered and more so for the happy memories I would forever keep. I guess it is time for me to leave the negativity behind and bear in mind that everything happens for a reason. That there’s light after darkness. I cannot say that I have fully adjusted in this new place. I know there will still be times that I’d just curl up in bed and curse the world for being cruel. But I know I’ll get through that and I would see my light soon. After all, this is just a tiny piece of cake compared to all the things I have gone through before. And I have more people who got my back now 😉

So goodbye, 2013. It was a tiring journey where you have nearly used up all of me but still, thank you. You have prepared me well for whatever 2014 has to offer. It is time to face a new chapter with head up straight and goals renewed 🙂

To 2014 and beyond.


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