Shukran, 2015!

Happy New Year! It has been a year of old and new, in and out and what is and what is not.

How did your old year go?

Here’s my 2015 in a flash:

The first month of my year started on a positive note yet ended quite grimly. I thought I was settled on a new job but the stars had its way of telling otherwise and I found myself going back to square one. I knew from then on that it was going to be hard times again but, I kept my faith and took the time to reflect on what was really happening and prepared to move on.

Because of this work-related mishap, I needed to exit the country to amend my visa status. Fortunately, I have good friends in the neighboring country of Qatar so, after obtaining a visa, I packed my bag and flew to the city of Doha. There, I played job hunter-slash-turista then I gave up on job hunting and went on full turista mode. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to UAE, after all! 🙂

These months were all about meeting up with friends, checking out new spots in Dubai and hanging out at old favorites.

I was beginning to think that the source of my stressful year was a serious case of homesickness. So, when my new company asked me (again) to exit the country to (again) amend my visa status, I chose to go back to my beloved homeland. Though it was spontaneous and needless to say, less economical, seeing old, familiar faces and places brought hope back in my heart – and you can’t really put a price tag on that.

And I was right. An overdose of family, friends, laughter, starbucks (oh yeah, definitely starbucks), crispy pata, sunshine and ocean – and I was packed and ready to give a new life another go.

New life = new job. And so I left the bustling city of Dubai and moved to the much simpler, Al Ain. Though I miss the accessibility to everything that Dubai provides, Al Ain’s vibe screams just the right amount of simplicity without being boring that I can’t help but feel right at home. And although my new job involves some serious eye-rolling moments, I am still grateful for my new, nature-friendly environment.

I turned 29. One more year to adulthood!

Busabos Adventures goes to Oman! Lol. Because of my new job (aka long weekend-dependent holidays), a budget reset and two separate trips to the Philippines, Chat and I couldn’t afford going on a full-blast adventure yet; so on a long weekend that we couldn’t just let pass without doing anything, we invited my beki friends to go on a day trip to the nearby Musandam in Oman. A short, but sweet escape that’s definitely one for the books.

This isn’t really my story to tell, but still a huge part of my life was welcoming our precious, #SouthLove baby, Zoe Avery! My trip to Doha at the beginning of the year was highlighted with Baby Z letting her presence be known and felt. It was a funny story how my friend, Anjel, discovered that she was expecting. Though I missed her coming out to the world and becoming a Christian, I’d like to think that I was still part of Baby Z’s big reveal 🙂

These months flew by with me being swamped with physical work. Not really a lot has happened as I spent the days on a sleep-eat-work routine. Social life? I barely had any. But who needs it when you live with your friends and got a fantastic love life to boot, anyway? Not me. Charot!

2015 started with a damn and ended with a daaaaamn (does it make sense?). I was overwhelmed with the changes that occurred that I am still trying to cope up with it up to this day. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for this year’s blessings and challenges, motivations and inspirations, and exciting new goals.

October photo courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Cruz.

“Write it in your heart that everyday is the best day in the year.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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