CHOOSE PHILIPPINES: Finding Paradise at Calaguas Island

Ahhh.. Calaguas. Already more than a month ago and the perpetual summer we had on this wondrous place still lingers in my mind. Its fine, white sand perfectly complements its calm, turquoise water that is so refreshing, we almost never wanted to stay dry. Three days of isolation (no wifi and phone signal) and an unspoilt island all to our joyful selves  – we frolicked, laughed  and swam to our mermaid hearts’ content under the unforgiving heat of the sun, completely oblivious that we were being boiled to the core. I have been to a few of my homeland’s finest gems (Boracay, Palawan, Pagudpud, Siargao..), and my experience in Calaguas undoubtedly tops my list. I fell hard for this place – so raw you wouldn’t think of nothing else but to absorb its beauty. Sunburnt and blistered, my skin would have to soon forgive me for giving in to the tempting high of this paradise.

From Cabanas to Kubol, their accommodations would make you feel the island life without sacrificing comfort.
You can choose to dine in at the resort’s onsite restaurant (they also have a package that includes meals and transportation) or have your food cooked by the locals residing near the resort for a minimal fee (Just don’t forget to buy everything you need when you’re still in Paracale as the rates in the island could get ridiculously high). There are also other small restaurants on the other side of the island.
 Why, swim, of course!
Island hopping. Although Mahabang Buhangin is the most beautiful of them all.
Trek up the mountains and appreciate the view on a higher perspective.

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