Happy New Year!

I’m a month late for my greeting and yearly roundup, I know, but I’ve been coming home dead tired from work recently that my mind can’t think of anything anymore and completely shuts down.

But anyway,

2016 has been a good year. I was able to go to one of my dream destinations –Hello Malta! -and do so many things I have dreamt of and planned for. I was also fortunate to go home twice last year – highlighting a perpetual summer spent in an island that has carved its place in my heart – Calaguas. It was a year of seeing new places and dreaming of returns and comebacks.

It was also a year spent with people who matter. Family and friends who God surrounded me with so I can always feel His presence.

I wouldn’t do a monthly breakdown of this roundup as I did before because 2016 was nothing but amazing. It’s hard for me to pinpoint a highlight in a year full of highlights. It was wonderful and I couldn’t say I feel #blessed more 🙂


Have you noticed?

Yep, welcome to my new home! I have migrated from blogger to wordpress and also purchased myself a custom domain. Yay! Though I don’t really have a solid readership, (and I know most, if not all, the time I am only talking to myself), I still wanted to try this new venture. It’s kinda nice to have something material yet intangible. And it also gives me that feeling of having progressed from a wannabe who can only afford a free platform to a wannabe who can afford her own. Hayaan nyo na ko, please. Haha! 🙂

And if ever you do like what you read here, please
Follow my blog with Bloglovin Thank you! 🙂

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