Happy New Year! I’m a little bit late – as usual, but then again, better late than never, right? 🙂 Last year has been a whirlwind of mostly ups and occasional downs. Everything went by so fast that the next thing I knew, we were already welcoming a new year.

2017 kickstarted with a quick visit from my youngest sister whom I’ve missed dearly. There’s nothing more rewarding for an ate than being able to indulge her sister’s wants even if it means breaking the bank a little. The months after flew by with us being busy during working hours and relaxing during rest days.

April, probably was the lowest point of our year. Chat received an unexpected news involving work and we found ourselves re-planning our future, considering other options and exploring possibilities. Yet, as always, God didn’t abandon us and by May, gloomy skies were clearing and we spent an awesome two weeks of vacation back in our homeland (went to Siargao with our friends, spent quality time with our families and stuffed ourselves with all the food that we missed).

We came back  with clearer minds and clearer paths ahead of us. Chat welcomed change in one aspect of her life and the months after became better.

The second half of the year were mostly spent for celebrations – Our birthdays, a friend’s freedom from working abroad, other friends’ birthdays, year-end parties, ladies’ nights and mini events that boost our social lives.

November and December were the best months – we went to Seychelles for our annual getaway, accommodated my Mom for a brief stay and showed her around town and then spent Christmas and New Year with the ones who mattered most – including my sister who flew again for a three-week visit.

Looking back to the previous years, I can’t help but be grateful for the moments that we experienced in 2017. It was one of my best years, so far and I am slowly reaching a goal and prepping to make a new one. As cliché as this may sound, I am really excited for what lies ahead for me in 2018 and I am really hoping that this is the year that I would finally reach my goal.

So again, until then.

Ma’a Salama, 2017!


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