The Seychelles Islands: Our 6D/5N Seychellaxing itinerary (Part 1/2)

Yes, finally, writing about our vacation that happened months ago in the island of *drumrolls* – SEYCHELLES! This country has been on my wanderlist ever since Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton flew there for their honeymoon, because, well, Prince + Duchess + honeymoon – you get it, right?

Well, it wasn’t until last year when we chanced upon a ticket sale that we made this dream vacation happen, because (1) Getting to Seychelles is freakin’ expensive – a 4-hour direct flight from Dubai or Abu Dhabi normally costs more than 3,500 aed and up. Of course, if you don’t mind a layover then you could find cheaper tickets. Thankfully, we were lucky to nab a direct flight ticket for only 2,500 aed via Air Seychelles (but mind you, that still costs a lot for us but it was the best we could find), and (2) the Seychelles, itself, is not for the faint of pockets – I tell my friends that while we were on a budget trip in Seychelles, the amount of money we spent there was almost the same amount we spent on a splurge trip in Thailand or Bali. We didn’t stay on an exclusive island or a five-star hotel or resort at that, but we were still able to explore the three main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue so it was still a win-win.

Now, whether you skimp or splurge wouldn’t really matter because Seychelles is worth every penny/dime/dirham/peso spent. I loved the Seychelles that even a little accident that left me bumped and bruised didn’t get in the way of a remarkable adventure.

Sharing below our itinerary with some tips, hoping it will make you want to go to Seychelles too. Let me know if you dig it 😉

PRASLIN – 3 days, 2 nights

Our home in Praslin – Oasis Hotel Restaurant & Spa

We booked a car rental service for Praslin as we want to make the most out of our short stay and being a small island, it is easily navigable with a map.

After checking-in in our hotel, we proceeded and trekked for an hour and a half at Vallée De Mai – a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is home to the endemic coco de mer and black parrot. It was also envisioned to be the legendary Garden of Eden. source


The “coconut of the sea” or Coco De Mer – shaped as a woman’s buttocks was believed to be the forbidden fruit and  is the largest seed in the plant kingdom.



After Vallée De Mai, we drove to Anse Lazio for a sunset cool down.


Anse Lazio – one of the best beaches in Praslin is the perfect place to end our first terrific day in the island.
Golden sunset at Anse Lazio

On our second day in Praslin, we explored the nearby beach of Grand Anse, grabbed a mojito and a bottle of Seybrew at Indian Ocean Lodge and just marveled at our morning view.Seychelles-23Seychelles-21


Then it was time to head to Anse Georgette, another Praslin beach pride, which is inside the vicinity of the Constance Lemuria Resort. Although it is open and free for public use, to be able to access this beach , you should call the resort or you can ask your hotel/accommodation staff at least a day before your visit to be added on the list. You can also trek from Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette but it is highly recommended to hire a guide.

Welcome to PARADISE! Getting here ain’t that easy but it was hell worth it.
Anse Georgette, for me, is the most beautiful beach in Praslin. It is small, secluded and though inside a big resort, at the time of our visit, it was fairly uncrowded. The water is so blue and clear that we ended up chilling here for the rest of the day.

One of the highlights of our stay in Praslin is meeting fellow Filipinos who are working and living on the island. They were kind enough to invite us to their home for dinner and it was a lovely night of meeting new friends and learning about their enviable island life.


We woke up extra early on our last day in Praslin because we wanted to check out a few beaches that we haven’t seen yet and were recommended to us by our new-found friends, before catching a ferry bound for La Digue.

Anse Volbert or Cote D’Or
This beach gotta have the softest sand I’ve ever dug my feet into. We passed by this tiny cove hidden beneath trees after our quick tour of Anse Volbert. Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out on our map what this beach is called.
Anse Kerlan
We passed by this one on our way to the jetty from Anse Kerlan

We had such a good time in Praslin that we unanimously agreed that it is our favorite one of all the three main islands that we visited. All the beaches we saw were stunning  and each time we wished we had more time to explore and chill.

Additional info as per time of visit (November 2017):

  • We booked a ferry from Mahe to Praslin via here for €47 per person per way with an optional shuttle bus transfer from the airport to the jetty for €10 per person. 
  • Cars drive on the left side of the road and roads are narrow, winding with steep drops and poorly-lit during nighttime. Be mindful of the speed limit and be cautious of buses, bus stops (which mostly are in the middle of a lane) and crossing pedestrians. We paid less than 400 aed for a 2-day rental service. Our pick up and drop off were done at the jetty. However, if the drop off location will be different from the pick up (or vice versa), additional rates will apply.
  • We tried our best to stick to a budget of 200-250 aed per meal (drinks included) for 2. We dined in two restaurants for dinner. (Breeze Garden and Paradisier both along Grand Anse and both served yummy dishes)
  • There are a lot of accommodations in the island ranging from five star resorts to self-catering houses. This is the only island wherein we stayed at a hotel, though it wasn’t a five star one, we still find it pretty decent for its price range.
  • The currency of Seychelles is Seychellois rupee (SCR). Although USD and Euro are widely accepted anywhere in Seychelles, it is still advisable to acquire some SCR as some of the smaller stores only accept their local currency. It is also advisable to do foreign currency exchange at the airport.
  • People of Seychelles are called Seychellois. There are three official languages in Seychelles: Seychelles Creole (which sounds like French with a sing-songy accent), French and English.
  • Philippine-passport holders don’t need a visa to enter Seychelles.

Click here for part two of our Seychelles vacation which covers our  2D/1N adventure in La Digue and 3D/2N in Mahe.


Click here if you want to watch a short video I created featuring our #SeychellaxedVacation 😉

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