The Seychelles Islands: Our 6D/5N Seychellaxing itinerary (Part 2/2)

Oh, Seychelles! Coming here was definitely a huge tick off the wanderlist and another dream come true. Our first few days in the island of Praslin (If you missed Part 1, click herecouldn’t have been a superb intro to an immaculate vacation. I still get high whenever I remember the stunningly palm-fringed beaches and clear, blue waters we could be swimming on for forever (if that’s even possible).

Anyway, this part covers our super bitin but memorable stay in the islands of La Digue and Mahe. Scroll down and dig in! ☺️

La Digue – 2 days, 1 night

We arrived in La Digue shortly after a 15-minute ferry ride from Baie Sainte Anne Jetty, Praslin. La Digue is the smallest out of the three main islands, and you can go around the whole island primarily by riding a bicycle.

Our home for a night in La Digue – Etoile Labrine

Our lovely guesthouse host suggested that we go to the farthest side of the island first in order to maximize our brief stay. We stopped by a few beaches but it wasn’t until we reached the end of the island that we rested and took a quick dip.

Happy faces 🙂
Colorful entrance to Grand Anse
Grand Anse
Aldabra Giant Tortoises. I freaked out when I saw these babies roaming freely on the side of the streets. I think we spent quite a while just watching them and carefully taking photos of and with them 🙂
Stop and smell the ocean
Anse Patates. Settled on this beach after half a day of cycling around one side of La Digue.

After a quick dip in Anse Patates, we called it a day and prepared to head back to our guesthouse. The road going home got too slope-y that we had to get off and pushed our bikes up. I guess we were so stoked that it took us a while to realize that we made a wrong turn and were actually lost. As we turned around to go back, we got on our bikes and rode the way down until I got overwhelmed with the speed and almost hit a truck. Thankfully, my brain worked at the last minute and I was able to maneuver my bicycle, hitting the mountain wall instead. The impact was so strong, I fell off my bike and felt like I broke a bone or two. My initial thought was it was only our third day in Seychelles and I can’t afford to let it ruin the rest of our stay. So, I hastily stood up on my feet, assured my worried lover that I was fine, despite aching and bleeding. That was the first time I was involved in an accident and albeit petty, it was kind of traumatizing.

Anyway, we still have half a day left in La Digue and it was a highly anticipated one so, I just drowned the pain and trauma on a sumptuous dinner prepared by our host and prayed that there will be no serious aftermath.

Ready for day 2!



The next day, we geared up for the most exciting place of our trip which was the Anse Source D’Argent, situated inside the colonial copra plantation known as the L’Union Estate Park. Entrance to this park costs 100 SCR (about €10) per person. Inside is an art shop, a protective enclosure for giant tortoises, an old cemetery, a traditional coconut oil mill, a vanilla plantation and a lot more.

Alas, the day we scheduled to visit this place was also the day the heavens showered us with a slightly heavy downpour. We managed to take a quick dip and spotted a colorful fish amidst murky water which only added to our frustration.

Come to mama! Feeding these babies freely was an amazing experience.


Gloomy skies looming over Anse Source D’Argent, ranked to be the most photographed beach in the world. source

As we made our way back to our guesthouse, drenched on our bikes, hitting puddles and muddy pavements, we can only just laugh our frustrations out and tried to find joy in our experience. La Digue is so beautiful that a mishap-filled two days is just an excuse for us to go back.

Additional info as per time of visit (November 2017):

  • We booked a ferry from Praslin to La Digue thru here for €15 per person.
  • Bicycle rentals cost €10 per person per day and is offered almost everywhere in the island. Ours was arranged by our guesthouse host.
  • We couldn’t have picked a better place to stay than Etoile Labrine. It is located just a few minutes bicycle ride away from the L’Union Estate Park and Anse Source D’Argent. The hosts were kind and accommodating and they cooked the best cuisine we have ever tasted during our vacation.

Mahe – 3 days, 2 nights

We arrived in Mahe late in the afternoon, tired yet excited to explore our last Seychelles destination. Again, we pre-booked a car rental service to maximize our time as this is the largest of the main islands and getting to and fro via public bus would be time-consuming for a short stay.

In Mahe, we stayed in A Peace in Paradise, a self-catering, family-owned accommodation  located along Anse à La Mouche. The unique chalets are situated in the middle of a lush garden and we couldn’t help but applaud ourselves for booking this.

A Peace in Paradise, indeed.
Cabin fever

We only had a couple of hours before sunset, so we decided to drive to a nearby beach, and ended up in Anse Gouvernement, a deserted beach at the farthest end of a narrow, and steep slope.

In Seychelles, wrong turn means this. #getlost

After a peaceful and breathtaking sunset, we stopped at a local store to shop for supplies before returning to our temporary abode. For 500 SCR, we were able to nab a bottle of wine, some beer, sausage and eggs and a few cooking supplies. It was a major budget hack for us and we recommend doing the same thing if you don’t mind spending less on a holiday. There is nothing more island life-ish than cooking our own meals, toasting to a cheap bottle of red wine and recharging for another wonderful day.

On our last full day, we planned to hike the Anse Major trail, a prescribed 1-1.5 hour trek leading to the secluded beach of Anse Major. We followed the road going to Bel Ombre and once we saw the trail sign, we parked our car and walked towards the start of the trail. It was supposedly an easy, well-marked trail, but the paths were still rocky and steep which made the hike go from no-sweat to are-we-there-yet? The views though, make up for the tricky parts of the terrain. On one side, you’ll have the granitic rock formations and the bluest ocean waters on the other.



Anse Major

By the time we reached Anse Major, the heavy clouds just started to pour and the strong waves made it impossible for us to swim, so we just plopped down on our mat and sought shade under a palm tree – island style 🌴

From sunny to gloomy in a snap

The wet and slippery trek back to civilization resulted in hungry stomachs so we headed to Beau Vallon, where we happily feasted on grilled pork, fish and servings of rice.

Beau Vallon

Luckily, the gloomy skies cleared up in the afternoon and we were able to savor a few golden hours in one of Mahe’s famous beaches, Port Launay.

Port Launay – a beach in front of Constance Ephelia Resort, is a horseshoe-shaped bay frequented for its protected marine reserve perfect for snorkeling. source

On our last day in Seychelles, we woke up to clear, blue skies (thankfully!) and since our flight back to Abu Dhabi was not until 8:00 pm, we quickly jumped inside our rental car and drove to another couple of – you guessed it – BEACHES, before finally checking out and see Victoria, the vibrant capital of Mahe.

Our last two beach stops: (R) Anse Intendance and (L) Anse Soleil

On our way to Victoria, we stopped by the Takamaka Rum Distillery, a brand of rum that is distilled, aged and blended locally in the island of Seychelles.


(R) One of Victoria’s colorful facade                                       (L) Big Ben of Seychelles

We didn’t get to spend much time touring Victoria because we hadn’t anticipated how early shops and offices close for business. We were surprised to find a normally buzzing capital, quiet and almost deserted at around 5:00 pm. We called it a day and headed to the airport after returning our rental car.

We spent a total of six days in Seychelles and were pretty satisfied with the places we were able to see and explore. We loved every bit of what Seychelles offered us – from its warm, delightful people to its clean, magnificent beaches. There was no denying that Seychelles is one of the top places every traveler has on their bucket list. It is a beautiful place, beyond words, and much much more beautiful in person. You know you just have to see it for yourself  😉

Additional info:

  • We booked a ferry from La Digue to Mahe for €64 per person via here. It is recommended to book ahead of time as seats can sell out pretty quickly.
  • Our rental car was organized for us by our accommodation host for €45 per day inclusive of taxes and insurance. It is imperative that you check the car for any damage before and after to avoid any inconvenience. Most of the cars come with full tank gas and it should be returned with the same level as well. 
  • If you’re into self-catering accommodations, I highly recommend checking out A Peace in ParadiseIt is perfectly located near Baie Lazare and some other beaches worth checking out in Mahe. 
  • We cooked most of our meals in Mahe except for a delicious takeaway pizza that we ordered from Baobab Pizzeria  and a grilled lunch feast from a stall – both in Beau Vallon.
  • Driving around Mahe can be trickier compared to Praslin but it is still navigable with a trusty map and a helpful Seychellois  😊
Mersi, Seychelles!



Click here if you want to watch a short video I created featuring our #SeychellaxedVacation 😉

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